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The rise of the Latina beauty, Elizabeth Velasquez has astounded the fashion, music and modeling industry. The robust and sultry model, although young has many accomplishments in her blossoming career. Velasquez has been modeling since 2007 and has been since rocking the modeling and entertainment industry. Velasquez was born and raised in Wilmington, CA.

Height:        5' 5"
Weight:       123 lbs
Bust:            36"
Waist:          25"
Hips:            38"
Cup:             C
Dress:           6
Shoe:            7.5
Hair color:     Other
Hair length:   Short
Eye color:     Other
Ethnicity:      Hispanic
Skin color:     Brown

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For Bookings:

Name: Elizabeth Velasquez

Age: 20 something (laughs)

Height: 5’5 /5’7 With Heels
Weight: 123 lbs
Nationality: Mexican-American
Born: Wilmington, CA
Represent your hood: “So Cal”

Measurements: 36C-25-38
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Favorite Body Part: I love everything!

Favorite Ice Cream: Cookies & Cream and Rocky Road
Can I buy you a drink? Sweet white wine or Midori Sour


·      Getting to Know You Better

·      Red Hot Questions

·      What Are You Up To These Days


First of all, I have to say that I’ve looked at all of your pictures, and you are one “hot tamale”. Is it true that an agency found you on MySpace?

Yes, I’ve always been confident. Any girl that takes pictures of herself all day and posts them on MySpace and Facebook, is obviously confident. That’s what I did when I was going to Chico State. This was five years ago and MySpace was huge at the time. Then, an agency hit me up and I was like me a model? So then, I took the chance, and that’s how it all got started.


What inspired you to go full throttle with modeling?

The opportunities that I never thought would be there. Meaning like, people were saying "I’m good at it and I should do it." They were offering me the opportunity to get money to dress up and be sexy. It’s about having fun. This is a side of me that I get fulfillment from.


Are you working as a playboy bunny?

It’s something that I am looking into. But, I’m not sure yet if I feel comfortable with showing my cookies. I’ve been to the Playboy mansion. I’m doing things as a playmate but not official playmate yet. I’m still thinking about it. 


Do you view yourself as a goody two shoes or naughty girl?

Both, I have my moments.


Let’s talk about your tattoo on your stomach? Is that a butterfly?

Yes, in which I want to remove!


Why a butterfly?

I'm being honest here. You’re the first one that I’m telling this to. But, I was in love. I was in a four-year relationship. Which is what you call “puppy love” throughout my high school years? While he was in his first year of college, he tattooed my name on his private. So, I was like, “Oh that’s too cute, I want to do it too!”


So, you covered it up?

Yeah, he said that I didn’t have to get it done. But, I loved him and I wanted to do it. If he was good to me, I mean if we would’ve never broken up; I think we would still be together. I am the type of women that I will save myself for the one that I’m with. So, I did it and then he broke my heart. I didn’t know what to do. At the time, laser surgery wasn’t a big deal. So, I covered it up with a butterfly. Butterflies signify a new chapter and a new beginning.  Now, I want to do more catalog modeling. So, I want to take it off. Though, it’s easy to do Photoshop. But, I don’t want to do any Photoshop on anything on my body.


So that’s what I was going to ask you, have you ever been dumped and tell me how?

I’ve been dumped once. That was with my first love. But, I was young. He just couldn’t do it anymore because he was going to college. He was the star of the football team. I was still in high school as a senior. It didn’t work out. He broke up with me. I didn’t want to let him go. It actually took me another four years to completely let go. I mean, he was my first puppy love. He was my first everything, and we still saw each other for a while (if you know what that means). We went back and forth for four years.  Finally, two years ago I let go. He still calls me but I’m done. Not for sex and not for anything. I’m like “This is getting old, No"


What are your secret hobbies/collections?

Everything I do, I like to talk about it, and post it on twitter with my fans. So, I really don’t have any secret hobbies. I work so hard. If I’m not working then, I’m working out. That’s something that I do a lot. But, I also like to spend time with my family. Then, comes the clubs and the dancing. But, that’s still considered work to me. My family comes first.


Favorite holiday?

Christmas! Because, of all the gifts.

Favorite restaurant?

I don’t have one. I like experiencing all types of restaurants. I’m not really picky with that.

What's your all time favorite dish?

I have so many, being that, I’m Mexican.


You have to choose one.

I think, I like Ceviche.  

What's an ingredient that you can’t cook without?

Tapatio hot sauce.  I don’t cook with it but it has to be on my dish. If I could, I would carry a bottle of Tapatio in my purse (laughter). 


If you could be President for the day what would you do first?

Oh God! That’s a good question. You can’t do anything for just one day as a president. In order to sign off anything that’s a long process.  Except make appearances. I guess I would just take advantage of being a president.


If you could join a non-profit organization, what would it be and why?

I work with a lot of different ones. Now, I have a soft spot for children in need. I would work with any non-profit that helps kids because they are the future. It’s very important to focus on their upbringings and their needs as a child. I do have a degree in education.


You have a degree?

Yes, a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Mathematics.


Beauty and the brains?

Yes, I can substitute right now because of my modeling. I don’t want to mix the two. But, that’s something that I am going to definitely do later on.

What advice do you have for teen girls?

Learn how to love yourself. I think the key to anything; is learning how to love yourself. And how do you do that? It takes a lot of mental therapy, a lot of healing process, and a lot of meditation.  Many people don’t know about that technique. I think we should definitely teach that in class for women in high school. It’s called the law of attraction. And it helps you have a clear mind. For women, it all starts with loving yourself, and how they do things in life. I’m not sure if I’m making sense.


I get it, you’re making sense.

I mean, forget the house, cooking and cleaning. That’s easy to learn. But, learning how to love yourself at a young age; I think that women will be different in this world.

Give me a beauty tip?

There are a lot of them. I am so anal when it comes to my beauty. I get facials a lot. I take a lot of herbs and herbal teas. I think it has to do with inner beauty.


Wow! I’m starting to like you!

"This is why I like interviews because you get honesty. So, don’t ask me anything crazy 'cause I’m going to tell you the truth!" (laughter) But, beauty is one thing if you take care of yourself in the inside then it will show on the outside.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, somewhere you’ve never been, where would it be?

I want to go somewhere exotic. Somewhere that has a forest and I’m wearing a bikini all day. I just want to enjoy nature. Like, out in a beautiful forest with lots of greenery. There are a lot of places like that.


I know where you’re going with it. Somewhere like, below the equator.

Like the Bahamas or an island.  That’s my goal by the end of the year. (laughs)




So, we are going to go into the "Red Hot Questions" segment?

Ahh Yayay!! Ok, I’m ready.

What piece of clothing makes you feel like a woman?

Silk. Silk is very rich.


Do you like flats, sneakers, or stilettos?



Are you single?

I’m dating. I go on dates (laughs).


If you could have a threesome with a female celebrity who would it be?

None, I don’t believe in threesomes. I believe in a man and a woman.

What's your favorite position?

Me being on top with a mirror in front of me. (Burst of laughter)


That is funny!!

Yeah, I be posing!

Does size matter or motion in the ocean?

Both, I don’t want it to be too tiny were you don’t feel anything or too big where it’s hurting. Don’t do too much with motion. It has to be just right.


What's the craziest thing you’ve ever done? T

here are lots!! I’m a wild one. I think the craziest thing is, at 16 I got a tattoo of claws on my booty. 


If you could pick an item at the sex shop, what would it be?

I love the sex shop too. Let me see. Definitely a toy.  A new one. What do you call them? It’s a new toy that vibrates?


You mean the bullet?

No, it’s where the guy puts a vibrator on his finger?


Um, ok, wait, hold on! It’s been a while! So, I have no idea.

I love it! There’s a new toy that guys wear on their fingers when they touch you and it has little settings that you can adjust.


What do you look for in a guy?

Somebody, that’s a good person, I’m not talking about flirting with other girls, and being nice to other girls. I’m talking about a good person. Like, if you see an older lady that needs help, you help her. If you are sitting down and see a women standing, you give her your seat. Someone that’s really smart, I like learning from a man. Someone that has goals and that is established by now. Someone that can fit my needs. Looks are not a big factor. It used to be when I was younger but not anymore. Looks don’t matter when you’re older. But, being a good person inside. At the end of the day, that’s whom you’ll want to marry and have children with. When you’re 80 years old and lying in bed with someone, you want someone that’s 100% with you and never cheats on you. When I was younger it mattered. Like, “Oh, he’s a basketball player.” Or “Oh, he’s a rapper”. But now, that doesn’t matter. It’s about a person that does charity work and is good to me.



Is there anything else that you will want to dive into besides modeling?

I’m working on my craft in acting. I’ve been doing a lot of auditions for acting. I want to dive into acting especially in the Latino market because I’m fluent in Spanish. I would love to see myself in a soap opera.


Like a Novela?

Yes, I would love to do that. I can do that. It comes down to the right timing and the right person to meet. I’ve been networking my butt off. I got posters and I’ve been doing poster signings. So, I’m really marketing myself more.


What do you have coming up, that we haven’t seen yet?

I have a lot of spreads in magazines coming up. I’ve been doing a lot of t-shirt spreads. I’m working on a Mexican wifey t-shirts. I've been shooting a lot of commercials shots. So, lots of different looks for me.  Less hosting at the clubs and more acting classes. I did well with the urban, sexy, and glamour magazines. Which, I’m still going to do. But, I want to challenge myself on something else. With me it changes. Last week I was in a bikini shooting. Yesterday, I was working with the playmates and tomorrow I’m going for auditions for commercials. Who knows? I may get it. I’m blessed because I’m able to do a little bit of everything. It always depends.


Where do you see yourself in five years? Are we going to see more acting and commercials, rather than print?

I’m going to be in a commercial. I’m going to! I mean, I don’t know how it’s going to happen but it’s going to happen!  Like, how I told myself before that I would be in a music video.  And how I told myself, I would be in a magazine. I’m going to be in a commercial! I’m starting my own business in my hometown and I’m excited about that. Like I said before, I was at school getting my degree. Never thought I would be modeling. I ended up modeling.  I never thought that I would be where I’m at now. It’s all great though. I know good things are going to come.


It sounds like you are the type that believes in manifesting your own destiny? You have the right mind and seem positive. It seems like things are just gravitating towards you with the law of attraction. Do you see yourself as that type of person in your spiritual base?  

Yes, definitely, I am. I’ve been practicing that for years and that’s when my modeling career actually shot up. It did really well. I have my moments because it’s all a train of thought. It’s not easy. Especially with the people I’m around. No disrespect to my family. But they don’t understand. What I dream and what I have going for me. I’m the first one in my family for a lot of things. I’m the first female to graduate from college. I’m the first person in my family, including my aunts, uncles, and cousins to even go to college. I’m the first one to date outside of my race. At 16, my first love was African American. Unfortunately, I’m not around a lot of people that know too much about the law of attraction. So, it’s harder for me to practice it on a daily basis. I listen to Joel Osteen, “Your Best Life Now.” I have the three chapters in CD and I listen to it in my car. I go back and forth reading “Ask and It is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. So, yes I very much practice it.


Is there anything else that you want to tell us?

Make sure you check out my website, I’m going to re-do it and I’m planning on launching it in January.  Follow me on Twitter at @LizVelasquez, so that you can stay updated with me because I’m always doing something different. With me you never know but you want to know!


Interview by Yashira McCray. Follow @YashiraMcCray on Twitter!


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